Friday, March 2, 2012

Saxo Bank, Radio-Shack, Leopard-Trek: 2009-2012

How much Saxo in Leopard? How much Leopard in Radio Shack? The interminglings of Saxo Bank, Leopard-Trek and Team RadioShack, 2009-2012

Mouse over me

Blue box: Did time with Saxo. Red box: did time with Radio Shack. Cyan box: Leopard-Trek.

Green arrow: stayed with the team. Red arrow: transfered

Interesting to note: in the 2010-2011 transfer, only 3 riders from Saxo 2010 didn't end up at Leopard-Trek or Saxo 2011. Matti Breschel went to Rabobank, Alex Rasmussen to HTC, and Frank Høj retired after failing to come to an agreement with Riis for 2011.

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